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The Truths, Myths & Secrets of Marketing Products in the
Lawn & Garden Industry

This book was written for successful marketers of lawn & garden products (and those who want to be!) who are ready to move up a notch. “The Truths, Myths & Secrets of Marketing Products in the Lawn & Garden Industry” goes well beyond commonplace advice about how to get started in the lawn & garden industry or how to get to the next level. It acts as a practical day-to-day guide for marketers of lawn & garden products who already have a thriving business. The book is filled with down-to-earth advice and examples that highlight the truths and secrets of the lawn & garden industry while dispelling the industry myths. This book also shows you:

  • How to sell to The Home Depot
  • The Rules of Marketing Green
  • How to Change your Prices Without Losing Customers
  • What Wal*Mart Wants
  • Are Patents Cost Effective? And How to Protect Them
  • How to Discontinue Products the Right Way
  • Do You Suffer from “Trade Show Deficit Disorder?”


Just Grow Up

Got a great new lawn and garden product? Do you want to introduce it with a big splash that causes waves rather than ripples? Do you think you have what it takes to penetrate the distribution barriers in the lawn and garden industry and survive in today’s competitive retail environment?

Don't second guess yourself.  Let lawn and garden industry expert and consultant, Rick Pontz, show you the direct line of how to get your lawn and garden product off your desk and into the market place. In Pontz’s step-by-step guide book, Just Grow Up, you'll learn the techniques, strategies, and value of:

  • Selling to big box stores
  • Choosing and managing manufacturer representatives
  • Participating in trade shows that are right for you
  • Getting into hardware co-op stores
  • Pricing your products to survive
  • Forming strategic alliances and partnering with other companies
  • Understanding what is expected of you by the industry
  • Avoiding the paths to failure

Don't let the realities of today’s competitive market get in the way of your success.  Get organized, get focused, and get serious about your business.  “Just Grow Up” can help you obtain your business goals and make your product a success.