About The Lawn & Garden Performance Group

The Lawn & Garden Performance Group, LLC, was created in 1999 by Rick Pontz, author, speaker and veteran business development expert in the lawn and garden industry. Mr. Pontz recognized the need for companies to get together through Mergers & Acquisitions, Strategic Alliances and Distribution Agreements. The Lawn and Garden Performance Group, LLC will:

Work with manufacturers of lawn and garden products who are looking for product acquisitions, mergers or strategic alliances.

Prepare your company for the sales process by analyzing your company’s systems.

Provide integration management services for companies who have recently gone through a merger or acquisition, strategic alliance or entered into a business partnership.

Work with national and international companies, entrepreneurs and manufacturers to introduce and manage the sales process of products to lawn and garden retailers and distributors in the United States, Canada and internationally.

Recruit, train and manage a direct sales force and manufacturer representative agencies to sell your products.

Identify new market opportunities for existing business, develop and implement a workable market business plan and budget that is cost effective.

Expedite the development of new products to maximize their market impact and improve their return on investment.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Are you looking to buy or sell your business? We can help.

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