Company Biography

The Lawn & Garden Performance Group, LLC Biography

The Lawn & Garden Performance Group, LLC was created in 1999 by Rick Pontz, author, speaker and veteran business development expert in the lawn and garden industry. Mr. Pontz recognized the need for companies to get together through mergers & acquisitions, strategic alliances and distribution agreements.

Rick Pontz has managed large and small lawn and garden product companies as President, Executive Vice President, Vice President of Sales and Marketing and as International Sales Manager during his tenure in the lawn and garden industry.

Mr. Pontz was the primary negotiator in six acquisitions in the past 4 years and has successfully introduced over 34 products to the lawn and garden industry during the last 18 years. Many of the products are currently being sold by major retailers including Home Depot, Lowes, ACE Hardware, Wal*Mart, True Value, Target and Kmart.

The Lawn & Garden Performance Group’s mission is to assist companies, whether they are looking to buy or sell a company, a brand or product, or if they are looking to acquire marketing rights, distribution rights or a strategic alliance, in the process by serving as an intermediary and negotiator and to manage the integration process that follows the sale.

Mr. Pontz has been an active member of professional organizations including the American Hardware Manufacturers Association, General Merchandise Distributors Council, Lawn and Garden Merchandise Council, Mailorder Gardening Association and the Garden Writers Association. Pontz is on the advisory board of the National Hardware Show, the National Lawn and Garden Show and is on the Board of Directors of three lawn and garden corporations. Pontz is an author and guest speaker at industry events.