Product Launch

We will assist you, as the client, in developing and implementing a sales plan to include analysis of the potential market, sales goals, sales parameters, all sales related budgets and forecasting.

We will work with you in structuring an internal sales administration staff and support system to manage all internal activities related to the sales effort. This includes developing internal disciplines, policies and procedures that will minimize risk and redundancy, maintain fiscal accountability, and maximize efficiency.

Develop pricing, policies, terms of sale (cash terms, freight terms) that are competitive and fiscally responsible.

Educate you on logistical compliance requirements for the market in general and the major accounts specifically. Each one has very specific guidelines that must be addressed and adhered to.

Design and develop a sales and sales management structure to serve your individual needs. This will include building a client specific sales hierarchy with job descriptions, job requirements, accountability and expectations.

Interview, hire and train direct reporting sales personnel and managers, nationally, regionally, in selected sales territories and for national accounts.

Act as sales manager for an agreed upon period of time, overseeing the indoctrination of the new sales team, customer contact and the implementation of sales programs.

Interview, hire and train manufacturer representatives in agreed upon sales territories and/or national accounts within the United States and Canada.

We will assist and direct your efforts in developing sales programs, pricing, market strategies and specific programs by class of trade and exclusively for major customers. This includes dealers as well as wholesalers and distributors at all levels.

We have an extensive data base of contacts within the lawn and garden industry who can provide additional exposure and sales opportunity to your new product introduction. We will direct you in how to pursue distribution with these growing distribution outlets including big box stores, mass merchants, independent garden centers, supermarket and drug chains, mail order catalogs and ecommerce.


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